Online Appointment Scheduling, Reservation and Payment Processing for Healthcare and Medical Centers

Secure and seamless medical booking software that works around the clock to serve patients and medical professionals.

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How will Timezy boost your medical practice efficiency

Focus on providing care while Timezy organizes your schedule and accepts your patients' bookings 24/7.

Manage healthcare professionals schedules

Instant booking and payment online for patients

Send confirmations and reminders via email and SMS

Secure storage of your patients' data

Manage your medical staff individual working schedules, including special days and vacations

Configure all schedules, vacations, days off, and special days to make sure no appointments are misbooked - and get a comprehensive analysis - all in one tool.

Flexible pricing for services and doctors

Different doctors have different qualifications and seniority level, so, naturally, services costs may differ depending on the providing professional. Set prices for each service per each doctor individually, so that your patients would be aware and all payments would be processed correctly.

Manage multiple locations for your medical practice

As your medical organization grows, it can expand to multiple offices, with different working schedules, staff, services - Timezy is here for you to support your growth throughout the way - multiple locations can be managed easily from your dashboard.

Performance stats and Analytics

Get real-time data about the booked, cancelled and finished medical treatments and examinations, financial data, individual performance analytics per doctor, and many more.

A sleek, responsive medical booking page

Timezy will generate a clean and modern healthcare booking page for your medical practice, where your patients will be able to learn more about the examinations and services that you provide, medical staff working in your organization, offices that you have, schedule and pay for an appointment.

What people say about Timezy

A+ customer support

The customer support they have provided has won my loyalty to this company and to that tool.

Yalalli | WP Version User

An amazing booking module

It is the best and most functionality rich booking module I have worked with. And the support is equally professional.
Thank you!.

Carsten Lund Thomsen | elevencars

5-stars feature availability

Great features, design, functionality. I searched many of the booking tools out there and I highly recommend this one!

Rjhibbs | WP Version User

Best of the best

I’m a coach and a trainer. Using Timezy was a big leverage for my business, providing my customers excellent reservation experience, with fully automated process from the very start to the end, including notifications and calendar integration.

Mustafamohsen | WP Version User

A booking system with a lot of options and great support!

Absolutely a 5 stars tool! Very extensive booking platform. The support team is fantastic! Very helpful!

Danielgruppen | WP Version User

Clean and powerful booking system

With Timezy, it is easy to receive reservations and show availability.

Sarafiser | WP Version User
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Works across devices
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One-stop platform for any healthcare organization

For blissful booking experience and employee management, Timezy booking software adapts to different industries, so it fits each business's specific needs. Explore industry options and see what suits you best.