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Online Booking System for Financial Services, Administration and Officials, Legal Advisors

No matter where you are in the world, you can have an efficient and professional way to accept your clients' appointments.

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How do councils, advisors and officials improve their schedule efficiency with Timezy?

Automated Timezy systems will organize the schedule, interact with customers, and process their requests and payments.

The client can self-schedule individual appointments

Instant booking and payment online

Add buffer time to prepare for each client

Online consultations with automated virtual meeting link sharing

Manage your schedule, including special days

Set working hours, add special days, and vacation days on any device, and get comprehensive analytics about your classes - all in one tool.

Pricing per each advisor or consultation

Set price per consultation you provide, but also set price individually per your consultants.

Provide counseling in different time zones

If your counseling services are worldwide, manage all of these in one tool while Timezy takes care of the time zones, bookings, and payments.

Track stats and analyze data

Get real-time data about your past appointments, information about payments, and clients.

Booking page that looks perfect on all devices

Most people nowadays book, reschedule and cancel appointments on their mobile phones - give your customers that comfort and flexibility.

What people say about Timezy

A+ customer support

The customer support they have provided has won my loyalty to this company and to that tool.

Yalalli | WP Version User

An amazing booking module

It is the best and most functionality rich booking module I have worked with. And the support is equally professional.
Thank you!.

Carsten Lund Thomsen | elevencars

5-stars feature availability

Great features, design, functionality. I searched many of the booking tools out there and I highly recommend this one!

Rjhibbs | WP Version User

Best of the best

I’m a coach and a trainer. Using Timezy was a big leverage for my business, providing my customers excellent reservation experience, with fully automated process from the very start to the end, including notifications and calendar integration.

Mustafamohsen | WP Version User

A booking system with a lot of options and great support!

Absolutely a 5 stars tool! Very extensive booking platform. The support team is fantastic! Very helpful!

Danielgruppen | WP Version User

Clean and powerful booking system

With Timezy, it is easy to receive reservations and show availability.

Sarafiser | WP Version User
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For blissful booking experience and employee management, Timezy booking software adapts to different industries, so it fits each business's specific needs. Explore industry options and see what suits you best.