Smart Event and Appointment Scheduling

Timezy is an all-in-one SaaS solution for small and medium businesses to automate scheduling of events and appointments and processing online bookings and payments.

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What our customers are saying

Timezy is a SaaS version of the best-selling booking app for WordPress - Amelia which is used by more than 4,000+ businesses globally.
See what Amelia's users have to say:

“Sometimes not many words are necessary. Best booking tool, professional, clean code, beautiful UI, and clever self-explanatory backend. Awesome and super-fast support, too!”
“I first came across Amelia after trying (and paying for) 2 other WordPress g-suite calendar plugins. By comparison, Amelia just works well out of the box and my search for a decent plugin was over. And more importantly, my non-tech savy clients are happy with it as well. Ease of use being a major point.”

AppSumo User
Web Designer
“Very satisfied with this tool. Highly customizable / flexible, looks great on the front-end and it is easy to use on the back-end. The support is also great.”

Automate appointment and event scheduling the smart way.

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