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Sports Online Booking Software for Gyms, Individual and Group Trainings

Fully-featured sports scheduling and booking software for gyms and private coaches that allows you to stay in the gym, not by your phone and handbook.

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Optimize your fitness business management with Timezy

Focus on workouts, burning calories and improving physical and mental health with this easy fitness scheduling software.

Group recurring fitness classes

Instant session booking and payment online

Send confirmations and reminders to engage your fitness clients

Insightful dashboard for your trainers to manage their calendars

Manage custom fitness schedules, including special & vacation days

Let your staff manage their schedules, eliminate double bookings or schedule inconsistencies, and get comprehensive analytics per each trainer - all in one tool.

Custom pricing per each training and fitness professional

Not all trainings cost the same, nor do all trainers or instructors teach the same classes for the same price. Custom prices are available in Timezy for no unpleasant surprises on all ends.

Multiple fitness locations

If your sports services are provided more than on just one location - across the country or globe - no worries, you can manage it all through Timezy and let it take care of all the overhead and time zones.

Stats and analytics

Get real-time data about the number of booked trainings, occupancy of your trainers, financial data, and many more.

A nice-looking fitness booking page with full control over design, layout, and content

Timezy for fitness and gyms will provide you with a clean and modern web page that lets your clients book in a few seconds.

What people say about Timezy

A+ customer support

The customer support they have provided has won my loyalty to this company and to that tool.

Yalalli | WP Version User

An amazing booking module

It is the best and most functionality rich booking module I have worked with. And the support is equally professional.
Thank you!.

Carsten Lund Thomsen | elevencars

5-stars feature availability

Great features, design, functionality. I searched many of the booking tools out there and I highly recommend this one!

Rjhibbs | WP Version User

Best of the best

I’m a coach and a trainer. Using Timezy was a big leverage for my business, providing my customers excellent reservation experience, with fully automated process from the very start to the end, including notifications and calendar integration.

Mustafamohsen | WP Version User

A booking system with a lot of options and great support!

Absolutely a 5 stars tool! Very extensive booking platform. The support team is fantastic! Very helpful!

Danielgruppen | WP Version User

Clean and powerful booking system

With Timezy, it is easy to receive reservations and show availability.

Sarafiser | WP Version User
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Group Bookings
One-on-one session online and offline
Real-time SMS and email reminders
Easy to use and set up
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Sports has so many kinds, Timezy can help you regardless of which one you practice!

Timezy is helping to boost efficiency for different sports organizations, no matter whether it's yoga, swimming or cycling - you can manage the booking and scheduling part of your fitness business easily with Timezy.